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We are a modern and contemporary dental team who combine professional services, innovative equipment and warm ambience to offer you the best dental experience. Every day, we push forward and strive to provide you with the healthiest, brightest smile you have ever had.

Our dental clinic is located in the North Circular Clinic, in Dublin, just 1 km from City Centre, near the Mater Hospital. Our courteous staff will give you a warm welcome and make sure you feel comfortable in a relaxing atmosphere.

Our dental team is comprised of highly trained and skilled professionals who are registered with the Irish Dental Council. We all regularly attend to masters training and dental lectures, dental centres trainings in Europe and United States of America so we can offer the best techniques, procedures, products and equipment to our patients.

We feel it is important that our patients fully understand the diagnosis and treatment recommendations. Understanding your treatment needs allows you peace of mind and trust in the services we provide using treatment planning software and communication to help you visualize your personal dental plan.

Treatment planning

Depending on the diagnosis, each patient will receive a personalized treatment plan, after
which, usually, the patient will undergo a interdisciplinary treatment. We plan in detail and
we know we will have the optimum result.
In the case of patients who need aesthetic treatments with crowns or veneers, the working
protocol allows for the preview of the final situation. Before we start any treatment, the
patient has the possibility to see the final result and to approve it or not. Without starting to
work on the teeth, using innovative methods, we can preview the smile and decide

Our equipment and materials that we use


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